Love Your Hair In Winter…Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

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Winter Hair Care Tips: We all love our hair and want it to look in pristine condition come rain or shine. Our hair is one of the first things people see, but sometimes we let it all go downhill in those cold wintery months. From split ends to crazy hat hair…its easy to let things slide!

Keeping cosy is essential in winter and with radiators, humidifiers and dryers going, it unfortunately zaps every last bit of moisture from our hair!

Here is ourĀ Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips for the coming months…

1) Moisture masques and treatments: Why not treat your hair when it most needs it? Kerastase luxury masques provide intense moisturisation, which should be used at least once a week to replenish the hair.

2) Heat protection IS the key : Heat protection is essential all year round but especially in winter. With more Christmas parties and social events the use of straighteners and dryers usually increases so make sure your using a heat defense to stop those ends being frazzled! Kerastase Nectar Thermique is perfect for this and also with the added royal jelly extract it is extremely nourishing.

3) Regular trims makes all the difference : To banish split ends completely having a trim is usually the best option. Every 6 weeks is recommended by most hair professionals. You will never need to have split ends again!

4) Maintaining your style : We all know that the wind and rain is horrendous for your hair! It completely messes up your style or can leave it looking limp and lifeless. A simple smoothing serum, ‘Kerastase touche finale’ will keep them locks under control. Alternatively if you prefer a spray why not try L’Oreal fix anti frizz.

5) Volume…What volume?! Using a simple mousse or root lift spray will make all the difference to your hair. Kersatase ‘mousse bouffant’ also has the added benefit of heat protection , so that means two jobs done in one!

6) Maintaining shine when its all so dull outside… The lack of moisture in the winter air can eat up all that shine in your locks. So why not try the Kerastase Cristaliste range which is purely formulated for extra shine and softness.

7) Natural or coloured? The dull weather throughout winter can leave your hair colour, whether it be natural or artificial, looking dark and drab. A simple shine spray like ‘The Shine’ by Paul Mitchell adds an instant shower of shine. If you really want to treat yourself why not try the Reflection range from Kerastase? The products add utter radiance to coloured treated hair.

8) No one likes cold water but your hair LOVES it! Most people will have their showers extra hot through winter which isn’t always as useful to your hair. As horrible as it soundsĀ  before you hop out of the shower turn the water to cold and rinse your hair through. It is the best way to get a sleek look for your locks as it seals the cuticle , leaving it extra smooth.

9) A new routine? Adapt your daily haircare routine to the weather, instead of using the same products all year round. Your hair is usually dryer and more vulnerable in the winter, so use more moisturizing and strengthening products to give it that well needed boost.

10) Treat yourself to a blow-dry! For a brilliant yet luxurious quick fix, why not nip into your nearest salon for a blow-dry? This is the ultimate way to tame your hair as you just cant quite get the same result yourself! Professional salon treatments like the Kerastase fusio-Dose are instant treatments that can be prescribed for each client , and will also help to maintain your blow-dry for longer.