Create Classic Hollywood Waves With Curling Tongs

Hollywood Waves using curling tongs

Hollywood Waves Step-By-Step Guide

  1. After blow-drying your hair smooth, spray the hair with a curl hold spray, dry the product in and create a parting to either side.
  2. Starting at the side of the head where the parting is, take a 2 inch wide section and twist and wrap the hair over the barrel of the tong (ghd Classic curl tong was used for the above look) and away from the face – hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Release the hair and allow the curl to cool in your hand. Spray lightly with hair spray and gently lower and unwind the curl.
  4. Repeat this process, working back and around the head until you reach the front on the opposite side where the curl with now be going forward towards the face.
  5. Once you have finished move to the fuller side of the parting and continue the twist curls towards the face until you reach the top of the parting.
  6. Allow the last curls to fully cool and spray the whole head with hair spray again.
  7. Brush your hair back diagonally to crown and push the hair to create the wave effect.
  8. Use a brush or comb to define and structure the curl at the end of the hair.
  9. Finish with a little more hair spray to hold the look. You could also use a shine spray to create a glossier, more polished look.

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