Hair Colour and Style Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

The must have colour hair trends for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 are the warm tones like golden blonde, browns and vibrant coppery reds for a standout look.  Cooler browns such as cappuccino, espresso, mocha and chocolate will still remain popular towards the end of the year and Balayage and painting techniques are going nowhere.

Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 Hair Colour Trends

The glowing colours of autumn inspire many to change their hair to warmer colours to compliment the change in seasons. Other popular warm colours for A/W include caramels, honey blondes, butterscotch blondes and dirty blonde, as well as reddish-brown, copper and crimson.
This can work best with a strobbing colouring technique where a  darker, medium, and light colour are used to create movement in the hair while respecting the natural texture
Other Autumn  hues which are on-trend include rose-gold and rose-blonde which can be applied as toners to summer sun bleached hair.

Hairstyle Trends To Try With Autumn/Winter

Flat Waves/Modern Straight: this seasons most sought after hair style. A quick and easy look to recreate which can make a statement – Just use your straightener to add a smooth bend to sections of the hair. You can use a spray wax or constructing spray to texturise the look a little more.

ghd Modern Straight

Big Romantic Curls: You can give those tired summer beach waves their own holiday with this classic variant of the barrel curl. This style has next day benefits too. If you don’t want to get rid of your curls, sweep them back into a hair band for a day two variation.
Bangs AKA Fringes: Another big standout from the catwalks was the fringe. Whether you have long hair, a bob,  smooth straight or wavy hair, it doesn’t really matter as the right fringe can suit that style. You can adapt any of these styles to include a small fringe to frame your features. Fringes can be full, rounded, blunt, choppy or thinned to create something perfect for your face shape and hair style. The fringe isn’t the whole look, it’s barely 10% of the cut. However, it can dramatically change the overall look.

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