Kate Moss Inspired Kerastase Couture Styling Range

Kérastase as they align themselves with the legendary model, Kate Moss to front the new  professional hair styling range – Kerastase Couture. In this blog update, Moda Greco takes look at this exciting new range and explains just what each product does.

To work in harmony with the hair, Kerastase Couture features a new micro-film formula, that provides long-lasting style and complete freedom of movement without compromising the hold.

This new technology is delivered in a variety of skincare-inspired textures and scents. The Couture range offers customers easy application, high performance and a very clean touch without a residue you can find with some hair care products.

Kerastase Mousse Bouffant

Kerastase Mousse BouffanteFirst up we have Kerastase Mousse Bouffant, this is a volumising mousse that offers a genuine bounce and body that makes your hair look and feel beautifully alive whilst providing ultimate freedom of movement.

Mousse Bouffant creates hold and effortless style delivering a professional finishing touch every time.

To use, all you do is apply a small amount to roots and lengths of the hair,  then blow dry and style as you normally would.

Kerastase Spray a Porter

Kerastase Spray a Porter Kerastase Spray a Porter will make you look like you spent the whole day at the beach – even when you’re trapped in the office all-day.

Formulated using Kerastase’s signature flagship ingredient, Xylose, with a texturising mineral salt to provide a non-sticky texture.

You will be able to creates soft, pretty, glamorous waves without any feeling of stickiness or crunchiness on touch.

Spray a Porter is multi-dimensional beach spray, offering moveable texture, UV and heat protection.

Kerastase Forme Fatale

Kerastase Forme FataleKerastase Forme Fatale is a voluptuous water-based blow dry gel thats provides strong body and hold, supporting a long lasting shape and form in normal to fine hair.

Apply evenly on towel-dried hair, using only a small amount of Forme Fatale then style with your hair dryer and/or curling tongs/stylers for strong hold.

Enriched with xylose, micronised polymers and emollient sorbitol, Forme Fatale provides you with heat protection while you style your hair and boasts shape memory – meaning your style will last through the day.

Kerastase Lift Vertige

Kerastase Life VertigeWith Kerastase Lift Vertige, you will be amazed with the amount of volume you will be able to create, making your curls much more defined and that much needed “oomph” to your hair.

This is described as a root uplifting gel, but don’t let the word “gel” put your off, because it’s not a gel in the traditional sense.

Use Lift Vertige on towel-dried hair, applying to the roots with your fingers and then using a brush and blowdryer to lift the roots, giving you that volumizing effect.

Perfect for creating hair-up and volume based looks, particularly for the fine-haired out there. Also contains heat protection properties.

Kerastase Boucles d’Art

Kerastase Boucles d'ArtKerastase Boucles d’Art will help to keep your curls looking vibrant, leaving curls smooth and soft to the touch.

This is lightweight aqua-mousse, using xylose to provide you with a texture, polished definition and flexible hold with weighing the hair down and flattening the style created.

To use, you will need to apply 3 or 4 sprays on the lengths and then blow dry or dry naturally for medium hold. This textured lotion hydrates the hair from the roots to the ends, creating a perfect affinity with the hair.

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