Phyto Hair CareAt Moda Greco in Leicester you can find a extensive range of Phyto hair products. Phyto product cater for a range of hair care needs and your can find shampoos, conditioner, treatments and vitamins for dry, coloured, sensitive, curly and thinning hair types.

Phyto’s story began more than 60 years ago in Southern France. Legendary hair stylist, Patrick Alès, created a vision of creating natural plant-based hair products, that were produced using environmentally conscious methods.

By harnessing the power of plants and testing numerous formulas in his own salon, he developed what is now a world-renowned haircare line. His extensive range of treatments and styling products target all hair types, providing complete protection with botanical remedies.

Phyto’s aim in the hair care industry is to offer clients some of the very best hair products on the market by ustilising the finest, most effective active natural ingredients in plant world. Phyto looks to maintain the hair’s natural beauty, whilst continuing to research the best ways of protecting and maintain healthy hair.

Phyto understands the fragile nature of our hair and that the modern lifestyles people lead can add to the stresses and strains put on the hair. For this reason, Phyto products remain natural with the formulas to help protect, nourish and cater for each individual hair care need.