Pink Hair Colouring Ideas

Go Bold Go Pink: Pink Hairstyles

Pink Hairstyles Leicester

From Top Left Clockwise: (1) Hypnotic Magenta, (2) Twinkle Fuchsia & Pink Sorbet, (3) Pink Sorbet, (4) Pink Sorbet and Crystal Clear.

When it comes to hair colour, many clients are thinking pink at the moment. This is because there are numerous options for pink hair colour nowadays – with variations in deepness and tones.

If you’re considering trying pink hair colour, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. You’ll want to be sure the pink you choose works with your natural complexion. So if your skin is cool, your pink hair colour should be a cool pastel pink or baby pink; if it’s warm, opt for a more peachy pink or pink rose hair colour.

Creating pink hair requires several steps and it’s no simple feat, it includes lightening your hair before depositing the pink colour, so don’t go pink unless your hair is in a great condition. The more pastel pink you want to go, the lighter you hair will need to be lifted. Using Olaplex in the lightening phase will definitely help keep your hair healthy.

Olaplex Treatment

In order to maintain your pink look, you will need to use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and it will also need regular toning.

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